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Families are the major provider of long-term care, but research has shown that caregiving exacts a heavy emotional, physical and financial toll. Many caregivers who work and provide care experience conflicts between these responsibilities. Twenty two percent of caregivers are assisting two individuals, while eight percent are caring for three or more. Almost half of all caregivers are over age 50, making them more vulnerable to a decline in their own health, and one-third describe their own health as fair to poor.

Here at Sensi-Care Services we can not only help your loved ones but we can also help the care givers by giving them the help hand they need.

Home Attendant ServicesOur professional care givers raise seniors’ quality of life and independence to a level higher than typical home care. Like other home care providers, Sensi-Care Services delivers essential personal companionship and housekeeping services that help seniors live at home. Our caregivers fully engage and interact with seniors in their care. Seniors take as active a role in their own care as they are able. Our team members interact with seniors in their favorite physical, mental and social activities. Anything from on walks or dancing, reminiscing, working on crossword puzzles, hobbies, visiting favorite people and places. The result of this attentive care? Healthier, safer, more fulfilling lives … in the comfort of home.

Through our approach to home care, caregivers actively promote health so seniors can continue to enjoy independent living at home. Studies show that physical exercise is more effective in preventing falls than home modifications. Mental activities like solving puzzles or reminiscing help keep the mind nimble and unclouded. Nutritious meals and proper hydration are good for the body and help keep seniors’ minds sharp, too. Seniors who stay actively engaged retain better cognitive function, remain in better physical condition and live happily and independently longer.

Four Essential Components of our in home care program

Our trusted caregivers provide excpetional service based on the following core values:

An active senior mind promotes independence, better mental and physical health, happiness and a longer life.

A well-nourished senior is more energetic, both physically and mentally.

A safe senior lives in an environment that reduces the likelihood of accidents and promotes timely response when illness or accidents occur.

Home safety is promoted by the companionship of a professional caregiver and preventive measures, including the possible use of a wide variety of  safety technologies.




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