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The goal of Sensi-Care Services, Inc. is to help seniors remain living in their homes where most prefer to live and provide their families with reassurance that their loved one is receiving any and all required support and assistance. Unfortunately, as we age there are some debilitating illnesses and conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, and arthritis that impact seniors. These illnesses and conditions often cause pain, fatigue, cognitive loss, loss of limbs, and depression. Hiring a care giver to help around the house can help alleviate many of these issues. Additionally, if your senior family member lives away from you, home care services can give you peace of mind that they are receiving the best possible care and support, which allows them to live independently at home. The best time to determine when to arrange for home care services is before any situation starts to negatively impact your loved one. Below is a list of situations that may indicate your loved one would benefit from home care services.

No longer participating in social activities as often as they are used to

House cleaning is not being done adequately

Running out of medications or too much medication left over

Unsteady walking

Experienced a fall

Sleep problems

Unexpected weight loss

Bathing less often or not changing clothes daily

Increased forgetfulness

Experiencing hearing or vision problems

Unable to continue driving

Unable to run errands alone

Experienced an emotional or medical crisis

Exhibiting signs of depression

Unable to safely prepare meals



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